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How It All Began


How It All Began

I have been struggling starting a blog for a while, I just… never thought I had anything to write about. I would start something and then scrap it, and then start and then scrap, and start again and scrap again. God I was thankful I was doing it all on the laptop or the Amazon forest would have been gone by now, and all for nothing.

I wouldn’t call my self intelligent or creative… inspiration doesn’t really come to me often I am no Da Vinci or Shakespeare, bloody hell I couldn’t even call myself a writer, I am dyslexic for goodness sake (this text will be read about 100 times more then normal, and will still have mistakes if I don’t show it to anyone to spell check for me, its so frustrating) . Anyway due to this fact, I found myself not able to write about anything.

When this happens everyone tells you write about what you know. So what do I know (very long pause) ehm (even longer pause) Ok this is what I know I love to travel and even though I am not travelling at the moment, I am still on an adventure and oh what an adventure it is! You see it all started with a garden, my grandparents garden. You see this garden is beautiful and not many people know about it. I wanted to make it my life mission to change that. I wanted to share this garden with the world. So how could I do that?

This is where my adventure begins, and every week I am going to tell you the reader a story about the highs and lows of how I started my own business