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Our Heritage Barn

Our Heritage Barn

Hi everyone I hope you’re having a lovely Tuesday. One day less till the weekend and fun time and only 18 days till our Artisan Food Fair (o_0) . I have realized since I took on this blogger thing that I am not very good at it. It came to 5pm this evening and just as I was about to sit down to a nice relaxing cup of tea, an alarm bell went off in my head BLOG!! BLOG!! It said.


Don’t get me wrong I love writing it but it’s the sitting down and actually doing it part, that I have a problem with. There has been so much happening at Dunmore Gardens that I am in a go go go sort of mode that’s fine, it’s something I will just train myself to do what do they say to make something a habit takes 66 days, I would say I am on day 3.


The structural issues to heritage barn are so near completion.  It is already showing its potential for being something amazing.  Brides I am telling you if you are looking for a beautiful barn wedding please look no further Dunmore Gardens is the place to be!!


Lads and ladies there is love, dedication and fun in those walls. Are you looking for timeless elegance, rustic romance or even a bit of boho chic?. This barn will be able to make your wedding dreams a reality and tie that with the beauty of our historic walled garden. You will have memories to last a life time and a wedding that no one will forget.


Come along to our Artisan Food Fair on the 12th of February and see for yourselves this barn in action. Maybe grab yourself a sneaky treat while you’re here 😉

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