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So I Had An Idea What Do I Do Next

Colorful wedding

So I Had An Idea What Do I Do Next

So I guess you would like to know how the Dunmore adventure began.

Well… that’s actually a good question. You see as I mentioned last week Dunmore Gardens is thanks to my granny, Lady McFarland, and Andrew Donnell the most amazing gardener in the world (yes yes I may be slightly biased).  It is probably one of the best kept walled gardens in Ireland. And if you have ever had the opportunity to visit you can not deny that Dunmore is a magical place.

This got me thinking there must be a way of turning such an amazing place into something special, something everyone can enjoy, and something that will keep Dunmore standing for generations to come.  The problem was not that there was no where to start from, the problem was that there where too many places to start from and I had no clue which door to open first.  So began the research, and then the talking, and then more research and then more talking, (this took a very long time and to be honest is still on going).  To boil down some lengthy evening conversations and daily agonising into one word it was WEDDINGS. Dunmore Gardens was going to become a wedding venue!!

Now even after all the agonising and discussion it still was not quite that simple. You see I needed to get four very important people on board: my parents and my grandparents, let just say they where skeptical. They, as off course all parent or grandparent do, wanted what was best for me and starting up a business in a recovering economic climate in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Ireland was not looking great.

But I will tell you about all that next week 😀