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The inner workings of a website

The Inner Workings of a Website

Today I would like to talk a little bit about the internet and websites. Its 2017 so many business experts would say “if you are not on the internet as a business you don’t exist”. This I can tell you now, with first-hand experience is very true. So how do you best bring across your personality to your readers and climb the rankings on Google at the same time? If you think I am going to tell you try again mate, what I do know is you either have to have a lot of money or a lot of time or both and then the world is your oyster. I opted for the second option with a little bit of help.


But I am not here to tell you the secret of how to make a fantastic website for tuppence because frankly I have no clue. I am just managing to decipher my own a little bit every day. What I have been trying to portray and what I have learnt from being hands on is that you are not always going to find what you are looking for on the first page, try the 3rd and 4th one you may be pleasantly surprised to find what you’re looking for.


Currently we are on the first page for garden wedding venues but only the third page for weddings in Donegal.   Here at Dunmore we always strive to be better, and to be better we need your help.  What words would you type in when hunting for a venue like Dunmore? Please comment on our facebook link.