Our History

Dunmore House and Gardens, with its rich and colourful history, is the home of Sir John & Lady McFarland and their family.

The Iron Age Fort

Dunmore and the village of Carrigans was reputedly a crossing place of the river Foyle many, many years ago.  There is an iron age fort at Dunmore, high on the hill over looking the Foyle.

The Siege of Derry

The house as it is today was built by the McClintock family in 1742. However the original house, dating from 1620, was burnt down by King James’ troops after their failed attempt to capture Derry in the siege of 1689.

The McClintocks

From 1742 Dunmore House and Gardens became the family home to the McClintocks for many generations. Dunmore was a working farm and the lovely stone buildings in the yard, which are now part of the events venue, date from an early period. The walled garden was laid out in the nineteenth century .  We know there was famine relief work performed on the wall from diaries of that time.

At the start of the twentieth century Robert McClintock and his wife Mary did a lot of engineering work at Dunmore.  They built sun dials on the walls of the garden and a series of ponds.  This generation is known to have had a close friendship with the renowned Agatha Christie, who came to Dunmore to enjoy the McClintocks’ company and delight in the wonders of the walled garden.

A Beautiful Events Venue

Today Dunmore House and Gardens is open as a beautiful wedding and events venue.  Guests can enjoy the harmony of the walled garden, the charming heritage barn and the warm hospitality of the family, just like Agatha Christie and so many other guests before and after her.